🟒Circularity: An Overview

β€œThe best way to predict the future is to create it.” - Alan Kay

Bridging Blockchain with Sustainability

To date, over three-quarters of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are produced by the energy and chemical industries; this is an urgent problem that we need to tackle immediately.

Circularity, a decentralized project for clean energy adoption, research and development, is harnessing blockchain technology to propel carbon and hydrogen initiatives aimed at facilitating net-zero carbon emissions across multiple industries, especially those in the most need of support and funding.

In supporting carbon-negative solutions, Circularity allows environmentally-conscious investors to benefit by receiving cryptocurrency rewards and becoming key players in the rise of Circularity energy projects.

Furthermore, Circularity is working to dispel the negative perceptions on blockchain-based technology as an environmental threat by pioneering decarbonization efforts through circular technology investment. Utilizing the power, stability, and robust development of the Ethereum blockchain, Circularity will build a sustainability-focused blockchain ecosystem centered on shaping the next generation of alternative and renewable energy source technology.

Our platform shall focus on the funding and adoption of carbon capture technologies and the production of green hydrogen via cryptocurrency, utility NFTs and DAO technology.

Finally, with years of experience in the sustainability space, our team at Circularity has the end goal of establishing clean energy facilities across several continents, with a strong intent in hastening the development of net-zero efforts and making a breakthrough in disruptive carbon and hydrogen markets.

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