💎Circularity NFT Collections

Circularity virtual goods shall feature limited-time and early-access non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for collectors to purchase. Although we are not strictly an NFT project, Circularity will engage in the sales of two exclusive NFT collections with the following objectives:

  • To raise community funds without the need for VC involvement this early in the project (allowing greater freedom and decision-making for Circularity and the community)

  • To provide community members a high level of access and ownership over our project through collectibles as we eventually transition into a DAO.

Circularity NFTs will be minted on our website, where collectors are able to acquire these items in both a pre- and public sale. The NFTs will be listed afterward on the OpenSea secondary market for resale. With that said, our NFTs come with benefits (staking and/or airdrops depending on the collection) that strongly encourage holding.

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