$CRTY Tokenomics

Circularity NFTs from both collections will have a strong correlation with tokens, as each NFT will receive rewards. In addition, NFT royalties from secondary markets such as OpenSea (3%) will increase treasury and marketing. Throughout the first year, we will see CRTY rewards received by each NFT per month as early adopter benefits and staking rewards.
$CRTY rewards to holders of both collections via "Early Adopter Benefits" and Staking Benefits
Tokenomics metrics
Ticker: $CRTY
Total supply: 450,000,000
Emission type: Increasing issuance
Monetary policy: Fixed supply
Token price:
  • Investor sale: $0.0245
  • Public sale: $0.075
Visual distribution of $CRTY token
Distribution of the $CRTY token, including sales, treasury, rewards, carbon offsets and more.

Distribution Term Definitions

This allocation comprises the rewards directed to the team behind the development of the project, showing metrics that demonstrate the commitment we will maintain in the long term.
Public sale
The portion of CRTY tokens to be sold to the public.
Early Adopters Benefits
This airdrop will be distributed periodically only to the NFT holders of the first collection, thus additionally rewarding the early adopters of the project.
These funds will be set aside to collaborate with projects that share similar objectives, with companies in the clean energy, sustainability, green chemistry and both sales and marketing initiatives at the top of our list. Thus, we can build a community and generate mutual benefit among all participants.
Company reserve
The company reserve is established to implement marketing, development, and operational expenses.
The percentage to be sold to private investors - at a 68% discount of public sale price, mentioned above - will come from this allocation. A further, small percentage (<2.5%) will be provided as airdrops/giveaways based on our marketing campaigns.
Carbon offset
To show our commitment towards achieving carbon neutrality and protecting the environment, we are dedicating a portion of our sales to carbon offset purchases as a way of neutralizing present and future emissions generated from NFT minting, token deployment and blockchain transactions. Prior to token launch, this contract will be established and made immediately effective upon official launching.
The treasury will be reserved for the DAO, ensuring that existing funds will be locked for investment.
This will be pre-destined liquidity for the liquidity pool. Currently, an incentive in CRTY tokens as rewards to liquidity providers is the main strategy to increase liquidity; we will be further working on additional strategies to increase this liquidity pool and contribute to the stability of the value of the token.
Liquidity Provider and Staking Rewards
For each CRTY staked, a vCRTY will be given, which is equivalent to 1 governance vote, always maintaining a 1:1 ratio.
The vCRTY has the sole function of serving as governance within the DAO. It is not transferable and is burned once the CRTY kept in staking are removed.
This allocation is designed to provide rewards for:
  • Providing liquidity
  • NFT staking
  • CRTY staking
The objective is to provide attractive rewards over time by reducing selling pressure and incentivizing the provision of liquidity, actions that correlate with the utility of the token and would positively affect value.
Staking rewards will be implemented in different ways, based on each action, and the tokens to be released will be divided accordingly:
  • The first-year release of funds will be divided into 30% for NFTs and liquidity providers (LPs), and 70% for CRTY staking.
  • On the second year, the release of funds will be divided into 40% for the NFTs and liquidity providers (LPs), and 60% for CRTY staking.