📝Circularity Ownership Collection

Our main collection, the Circularity Ownership collection, consists of isometric artwork based on the five pillars of our project: carbon capture, green hydrogen, green blockchain, renewable energy and scientific research. These are purely utility NFTs, not intended for profile photos but for the pure benefit of supporting and owning a stake in green energy investment. For this reason, assets from this collection will function as access passes for the Circularity clean energy investment treasury.

The 8,000 item Circularity Ownership Collection offers high rewards in Circularity ERC-20 token airdrops and staking, meaning that collectors will be encouraged to hold for as long as they wish. Upon minting (also on our website), collectors will have a 10% chance to acquire a Premium version of the ownership NFT, which is built on an upgraded contract with increased benefits.

DAO voting rights and governance token access will be granted to Circularity Ownership NFT owners. An exclusive community board will be made available to our clean energy “architects”, so they can engage in meaningful discussions and decision-making for the project’s ongoing roadmap.

Circularity Ownership NFTs will be available for 0.1 ETH during presale and 0.125 ETH during our public sale, and proceeds will be mostly destined to our investment treasury, followed by holder rewards, marketing, legal and operational costs.

NFT staking

Rewards will be provided at 20% annual percentage yield (APY) on the sales value of the NFTs. Premium NFTs will generate double the rewards, equal to 40% annual percentage yield (APY).

Unclaimed rewards will be accumulated for later use.

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