☢️Limited-Time PsyEco Collection

Built as a low-cost collectible reward for early adopters, the Circularity PsyEcos collection features an army of eco-warriors who have traveled through time from an apocalyptic future, where the climate has made it impossible for life to survive on Earth. This 5,000 item collection will be released for a limited time period only, in a flash sale available to early adopters who follow our community updates.

The Circularity PsyEcos collection will offer benefits to holders in the form of Circularity ERC-20 token airdrops – making these holders among the very first Circularity token holders and allowing them to experience the full growth of the token’s value. Furthermore, PsyEcos Collection holders will be considered as project early adopters and whitelisted to receive a special discount for our main Circularity ownership token collection’s presale.

Circularity PsyEcos will be available for the price of 0.05 ETH, and proceeds will be distributed into scaling our marketing, development, legal and operational costs as we approach the sale of our main collection, ERC-20 token deployment and DAO creation. Staking will not be implemented in this phase, as we are encouraging our holders to have total freedom over deciding between holding (for recognition as a Circularity community member) or reselling once the main collection has been released.

Early Adopters Benefits for PsyEco Holders

This airdrop will be distributed periodically only to the NFT holders of the first collection, thus additionally rewarding the early adopters of the project.

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