🛣️Project Roadmap

Our journey towards complete clean energy acceleration.

Step 0 - Q4 2022 - Limited-Time PsyEco NFT Mint

The initial step of our roadmap will be the sale of our initial 5,000 item PsyEco collection, allowing early adopters to quickly gain value by minting a very low-cost, one-time 3D avatar that will provide CRTY airdrop rewards and be resellable on secondary markets.

Collectors who acquire these tokens will also enter our Circularity Ownership Collection VIP list, guaranteeing them a spot on the main collection's whitelist and presale.

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Step 1 - Q4 2022 - Circularity Ownership Collection Mint

With high-quality, isometric artwork based on our five pillars represented by carbon capture, clean hydrogen, carbon-neutral blockchain, renewable energy and scientific research, this 8,000 item collection will turn our collectors into the clean energy architects of the future.

There will be a 10% chance upon minting to receive a "Premium" NFT with animated artwork and additional perks (higher rewards). There will be a presale (including whitelisted buyers from the PsyEco collection) and a public sale for the Circularity Ownership Collection, allowing buyers to mint for cheaper. Ownership NFT holders will be able to stake their NFTs for rewards.

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Step 2 - Q1 2023 - Public Sale and Airdrop of Circularity Tokens (CRTY)

We will be creating the Circularity ERC-20 token, an asset that will be used as a currency within our organization’s products and which we are aiming to establish as the world's first digital hydrogen token. Upon deployment and sale, the airdrop countdown for PsyEco NFT holders will begin, and we will open the Circularity merchandise and goods store. The Circularity token will also be rewarded to holders who are staking their NFTs on the blockchain.

Finally, you will be able to stake your CRTY tokens in exchange for governance tokens and for building the clean energy investment treasury.

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Step 3 - Q4 2022/Q1 2023 Partnership Completion and DAO Stage

At this point, we will complete our first circular project research and selection phase - companies that have successfully partnered for acceleration with Circularity will begin receiving funding for their projects.

The Circularity DAO will be formed, meaning NFT holders will immediately acquire access and voting rights to the strategic funding and support of clean energy initiatives and carbon-neutral blockchain spaces.

Step 4 - 2023 Onwards - Carbon Capture and Green Hydrogen Facilities

As the project grows from startup to established company in our second phase, our goal is to lead Circularity and our partners toward the creation of clean energy facilities in the U.S. and EU by collaborating with companies to increase the capacities of existing plant operations and purchasing land where new plants will be constructed. We are already researching opportunities and entering collaborations in this step.

Our focus is to initiate investment in existing projects in direct air capture, carbon capture and utilization and both blue and green hydrogen (with an emphasis on green), leading towards the establishment of our own facilities that are funded externally through our community, allied companies and institutions that are fighting climate change alongside us.

More info in the Project Fundamentals and Remarkable Projects sections of this whitepaper.

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