Conclusion - Moving Forward to Solve Climate Change with Clean CO₂ and H₂

Attaining net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050 will bring humanity a positive outlook on spending a long and enjoyable time on Earth. Climate change is irreversible – this is undeniable – however, with collective efforts to strive for clean energy generation, we can indulge in various activities and increase productivity without harming the environment or depleting energy resources.
The International Energy Agency (IEA) is calling for the cooperation of governments to revisit laws enacted for the generation, conservation, and distribution of energy. As the decade of the 2020s progresses, the IEA is expanding the conceptualization and adoption of carbon-negative energy sources. Carbon dioxide is among the abundant greenhouse gases warming up the planet and disrupting weather conditions for prolonged periods, causing effects as mild as slightly worse storms to terrible events as is the case with mass species extinction.
Eliminating the use of carbon-based fuels, especially in the chemical and energy sectors, will take a significant amount of time, with many trials and obstacles to face down the road. Carbon capture is among the early-stage aids to reducing carbon emissions. Despite the existing technology, corporations have yet to embark on a fully carbon-negative journey.
Circularity aims to address multiple goals spanning clean energy initiatives and the successful integration of blockchain technology and sustainability. These will establish Circularity as the main reference for clean, carbon-negative, and sustainable ecosystems among blockchain platforms.
Driving interest and engagement in net-zero emission efforts propels Circularity and its community to explore a trillion-dollar disruptive market in green hydrogen, dubbed the “gas of the future”. Green hydrogen production attracts investors far and wide; with our platform and experience in green chemistry and sustainable technology, we will be developing our own facilities, as well as launching initiatives that focus on green hydrogen production and carbon capture.
By successfully quelling the negative connotations of the public regarding blockchain-based technologies, Circularity can become a global blockchain ambassador for clean energy and sustainability.
We plan for this project to run for as long-term as possible in order to maximize its potential and revolutionize the industry. Our team is starting small, addressing the most immediate problems in blockchain technology and sustainable action, and scaling towards a global initiative that can act on all continents.
Finally, we are building Circularity on Ethereum. We have concluded that this platform is the best avenue for reaching our target market and exploring the best and most robust development options. Ethereum manages approximately 1 million transactions a day without fail, while close rivals have seen numerous outages and/or low adoption by users. Such strength and network stability is what we need to run Circularity at its optimal performance.
By choosing to host our blockchain on Ethereum, Circularity has wider ground to explore and develop decentralized apps (dapps) and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) for future adoption. Ethereum is also transitioning in 2022 to a more efficient and highly-rewarding proof-of-stake (PoS) system, Ethereum 2.0, meaning that carbon emissions will not be a major issue (and the main reason why we have chosen Ethereum).
And, so as to combat any environmental impact we generate and to commence our battle against climate change as early as possible, we will be directing a significant portion of all funds generated upon finalizing our NFT minting and ERC-20 token deployment towards purchasing a significant carbon offset and thus supporting other carbon-negative blockchain initiatives.
At Circularity, we are committed to turning the tide on climate change through the development of clean energy and research of sustainable technology.
Let us build a future of energy, chemistry and sustainability on the blockchain – together.
Join us and Enter the Circularity.