Clean Energy Investment, Research and Development (DAO)

Despite the massive growth in venture capital, angel investors, private equity and crowdfunding over the past decade, the number of startups around the world has also exploded in growth, translating into many of these hopeful companies not receiving the support that they need to share their solutions and technology with the world.
It is a well-known fact that 50% of startups fail in their first five years, but one of the most important factors for this failure is failing to find the funding to build the project before it can become profitable.
The clean energy space is no different. While it may a field full of excellent intentions, there are just too many avenues to carbon net-zero and potential technological solutions to climate change that many valuable startups will miss out on funding, while other less promising but more connected founders will receive funding they didn't need or simply don't know how to use.
Circularity plans to bring an entire new avenue for deserving, valuable companies to get the support they sorely need both in funding and in visibility - we are going to harness the power and the reach of the blockchain and crypto community itself to build the clean energy giants of the future.
Our work is centered on five pillars: carbon capture and utilization, carbon-neutral blockchain, green hydrogen, renewable energy and scientific research - these are our targeted fields in terms of building the new generation of energy across the world, and we plan to work closely with companies as allies, consultants and partners as they progress from a promising startup idea to a solid, profitable company.
As part of these companies, we will co-own these initiatives and by accelerating their growth, we will also be accelerating the growth of our community's stake and treasury. It is a winning collaboration for all sides, and an even larger win for humanity as a whole.
Through community investment, the utility and ownership capabilities of our native token and NFTs, and the power of coming together on the blockchain for a common purpose with DAOs, we will accelerate humanity into full adoption of clean, renewable energy.
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