1.2 Mission and Goals

Harnessing blockchain as the ultimate climate solution

A relatively new technology in the game, blockchain holds capabilities that have often been overlooked by the general public and industrial players. In fact, according to a study made in 2019, 43% of the 1,386 company senior executives surveyed by Deloitte considered that blockchain technology was “overhyped”. Meanwhile, a 2021 study found that 70% of Americans had still not invested a single dollar in cryptocurrency.
The public perception of blockchain has long been of a volatile, unsafe space, with many among the public also considering that carbon emissions tied to mining technology are contributing significantly to the previously mentioned environmental damages. There is also an erroneous belief among a minority that blockchain “doesn’t solve problems that can be solved by another technology”.
Thankfully, there is actually immense potential in the use of blockchain technology to fund and accelerate projects that are geared toward making energy clean and putting an end to our carbon emission problem.
Crypto's only purpose isn't simply "buy low" and "sell high". Building an ecosystem with its own currency can allow for smoother participation in common goals, higher commitment to raising the project's value and implementing a deflationary economy.
With Circularity, we are on a mission to fund clean energy initiatives and establishing a sustainable, carbon-negative ecosystem dedicated to the acceleration of green energy tech research and development. Through the power of decentralized investment via the blockchain, we are able to collaborate with partner companies and investors for a bigger and better cause. NFT collectors and sustainability advocates alike can actively participate in the funding and building of technological solutions that will mitigate climate change.
Finally, Circularity plans to make use of our expertise built from years of experience in the engineering space in North and South America and Europe to construct clean energy facilities of our own, with our supporters and community members becoming early adopters of a technology that will serve to continue the battle against climate change and carbon emissions.

Our Goals

Circularity has set the following main long-term goals:
  1. 1.
    Advancing the clean energy space by funding projects making important breakthroughs in this industry through community investment;
  2. 2.
    Bridging blockchain and sustainability, shifting the public perception of blockchain to a more positive reception and helping the public understand that blockchain can help save the planet, and not destroy it, as is currently believed; and
  3. 3.
    Establishing our very own blockchain ecosystem that is centered on investment, R&D and establishment in the clean energy space, with tokens centered on carbon and hydrogen value (similar to carbon credits) that will allow companies and individuals to support a number of facilities built by us and by our collaborating partners across the world, while holding a stake in this treasury.
Become a key architect in the future of sustainability and blockchain technology.
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