🪙Circularity Token - $CRTY

CRTY is a governance and utility ERC-20 token created under the Ethereum blockchain. It is the native token and catalyst of transactions within Circularity. The value of CRTY empowers users to participate and fund clean energy technology, as well as direct our investments in carbon and hydrogen solutions to accomplish global net-zero carbon emissions goals by 2050.

As this project is not a 100% blockchain-exclusive initiative, Circularity aims for CRTY, its native token, to become the blockchain's hydrogen asset and a clean hydrogen investment asset off the blockchain, bridging both worlds into one.

CRTY’s utility lies in three aspects:

  • Marketplace currency for purchase of digital and physical goods

  • Clean hydrogen and carbon capture project acceleration and investment

  • DeFi Solutions, to be integrated into this document soon.

CRTY is the only means of value and payment through our marketplace and DeFI spaces.

CRTY allows the right to participate in:

· CircularityDAO Governance

· Control of CircularityDAO treasury funds

The community will oversee the complete control of the funds destined for the DAO treasury; they will also manage the funds received independently from royalties.

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