Social Impact and Environmentalism DAOs

Finally, DAOs are innovating social action for climate change and sustainability, but how do they differ from Circularity—a community that funds and raises awareness for carbon-negative and sustainable technologies?
1. Toucan
Toucan is an ecosystem that leverages the blockchain to tokenize carbon credits and help companies scale environmental projects. It is built on the Polygon blockchain and makes use of its BCT (Base Carbon Tonne) carbon offset asset.
2. KlimaDAO
KlimaDAO allows users to purchase carbon offsets from the market. Their website claims that it has absorbed an amount of carbon equivalent to just over $500 million liters in gasoline. They also offer a staking mechanism for eco-friendly investors looking to earn in their native token.
3. Climate DAO
Climate DAO aims to gather advocates to raise awareness about climate change, especially among companies with the largest carbon emissions. Their mission is to create more “activist investors” that hold companies accountable for their environmental impact.
4. VitaDAO
VitaDAO pushes for the hastening of longevity research and development. With its native token usable in purchasing products, VitaDAO’s 5,000+ members have raised more than $2.5 million for research. Any project meeting the requirements can submit their proposal on the homepage and be evaluated for investment. Circularity has a similar intention in building the clean energy space through research and development funding.